5 Simple Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

1. Squats: Most people tend to think that squats should be avoided if you have a knee issue. Truth is it’s a great exercise to determine knee health! The squatting technique is important to reduce stress on knees and train and recruit the right muscles to perform the movement.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and have your toes turned out by 15 degrees. Push the hip back and down till the hip crease is below the knee. Make sure that the weight is not on the toes but rather on the heel of foot. Pressing down with the heel and pushing the knee out revert to standing position.

2. Knee Extensions: These help in getting the blood in your joints flowing and accelerated muscle development. While standing on one leg, raise the other so that the knee is in line or a little below the hip crease. Maintaining a neutral spine extend the knee, hold it for 10 seconds and then bend. Do 10-12 repetitions and then repeat on other leg.

3. Planks: Your core can also affect your knee. A strong core can help transmit force better and reduce the load or stress on the knee with daily functional movements. Planks also help to develop a good posture which can offset knee pain caused due to muscle fatigue. The more your body is off-center, the more your muscles have to work to balance it. This strains your joints and ultimately puts pressure on your knees.

4. Step Ups: This is a great knee strengthening exercise which decreases the stress on the joints. Place your right foot on a bench or step and while lifting off vertically, come to a standing position at the top. Step down and repeat for 10-12 repetitions and then do the same with the left leg. Choose a height that allows you to lift off vertically and you don’t have to extend forward to come to a standing position.

5. Knee Bends: This exercise will help activate the gluteal muscles, which in turn will help stabilize the knee. Stand on one leg, push the hip back, keep the chest lifted, lower your hip and slightly bend your knee. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat a few times.

Knees are a delicate and very crucial part of your body. We recommend you consult your doctor or medical supervisor before making the above exercises a part of your daily routine.

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