Pull up exercise benefits

The Benefits Of The Pullup


Outside of the utilitarian value of moving your body around with ease, and the wow factor of knocking a bunch off to impress friends, pullups will give you a major aesthetic upgrade.

Lats greys anatomy.

Watch your lats get a lot bigger as you progress toward mastering the pullup

By the time you can do ten strict dead hang pullups, you’ll have totally transformed your back.

The lion share of the load of hauling you up to a bar is born by the latissimus dorsi, or the “lats”, which are the largest muscles in your body. They runs from your armpits down to your ribs, and on a well-developed man, the lats spread out around the back like wings when he does pullups.

Other back muscles, such as the trapezius, rear deltoids and the teres are also worked during pullups, as are the rhomboids around your shoulders.

Your biceps will also get a lot stronger if you do this exercise. Doing a pullup is the equivalent of doing a barbell curl with half of your bodyweight, which is no easy feat for big guys.

For most people, the hands and fingers will also gain in strength, since gripping a bar and hanging from it isn’t something most people do.

Rings vs Bars


Pullups can be done on any static horizontal surface you can get your hand around or on a pair of free-moving gymnastic rings.

Both are great, but the gymnastic rings are slightly harder (most people can do more bar pullups than ring pullups), and those struggling to achieve their first pullup should probably stick to a bar.

The only exception to this is if you have wrist or hand pain while doing bar pullups. Because the gymnastic rings swing freely, your hands and wrists can fully pronate and this may alleviate the pain.

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